NW Flash Arcade offers a variety of different arcade and pinball related services. Below are some offerings and sample prices:

Commercial pinball and arcade setups:
NW Flash Arcade will install games with coin machines at your location for your customers to play. The most common agreement involves NW Flash Arcade being responsible for maintenance and pricing of the games, while your business handles promotion and interface with our technicians. Pinball/arcade installations are a great way to drive traffic to your business, as well as to keep customers coming back. We have had many business increase their sales once they have installed games, some by up to 30%.  Each month a percentage of the revenue made by the games goes to NW Flash Arcade, while the rest goes to your business. Some of our locations have made thousands of dollars each month in additional revenue for our business partners. 

Commercial pinball and arcade leasing:
Northwest Flash Arcade will lease games to retail or commercial locations  that are put on “freeplay” in break rooms or offices. The installations improve morale, help employees unwind, and are also just fun to have around the workplace. Some of our leasing locations have held “high score contests” or “office versus office grudge matches.” Most arcade leasing starts at $50 a month, requiring a 6-month contract, while pinball leasing starts at $100 a month, also requiring a 6-month contract. 

Event and festival arcade and pinball setups:
NW Flash Arcade has specialized in setting up “Pop-up Arcades” at many events and festivals. We bring in games for a week, weekend, or even an evening to a location, putting them on freeplay and arranging them for the attendees. After the event is finished, our workers come back with the trucks and remove all the games. Pop-up Arcades are a great way to add diversity to your event, if it is a large festival or a small wedding. We have worked with Live Nation, Microsoft, Flame Productions, and many other companies to provide entertainment for their constituents. Just let us know what your event is so we can customize an installation for you; from 2 games to over 25 games, we can make your event better!

Pinball and arcade sales:
NW Flash Arcade usually has an overstock of certain games, new and used, as well as some games which are better suited for home installation. If you are interested in purchasing arcades or pinballs, please contact us and we will let you know what we have in stock.

Northwest Flash Arcade leasing now includes setups at wedding and corporate events. In order to book, please use our Contact Page to confirm dates and logistics. An arcade and pinball setup is a great way to entertain your guests and give them fond memories of your wedding.
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