Raygun Pinball Progressive Final 2018

Had a great time at the Raygun Pinball Progressive Final. Want to thank everyone who came out and participated. For the final, we had a great lineup of all the people who had won from the previous 12 weeks. Congrats to the winners:

1st: Jay
2nd: Neil
3rd: Sergey

And the overall standings are below:

Sasquatch Music Festival 2014 Classic Arcade Setup

In recent news, our favorite music festival of all time, Sasquatch, will be calling it quits this year. After a run of 17 years, financial hardships and low attendance finally took its toll. We were fortunate enough to participate in a couple of those years with a freeplay arcade, 20 game setup. With all the festival setups we have done, this was probably the most use our games have seen. Check out pictures below.

Microsoft Signature Classic Arcade Setup

We were fortunate enough to be hired by Live Nation to produce yet another freeplay arcade for their Microsoft Signature event at Gasworks Park in Seattle. The event saw thousands of Microsoft interns and included everything from free carnival style food, to our classic arcade, to Pitbull. Yes you heard that right; Pitbull. In any case it was a blast, and the games got a ton of play. Check out some pics below.